Courage comes before confidence

Aug 18, 2020
I am sure lack of confidence is something that each and everyone of you have experienced over your life at one point or another.
Confidence is state and we hold the power to choose in a moment to feel confident or not. Confidence is about trusting yourself and having your own back so that even when things don't go to plan you pick yourself up and try again without beating yourself. It's about being okay with making mistakes and failing occasionally but still loving and accepting yourself.
So how can we create more confidence?
  1. Remember a time in the past when you did feel totally confident. Go back to that time and float down into the memory. Feel what you felt, hear what you heard and see what you saw. Anchor yourself in this feeling of confidence
  2. Take action! The more you do something the easier it becomes. Finding the courage to take the first step to do something is often the hardest but most important one.
  3. Educate yourself more - but don't use your lack of knowledge as an excuse to not take action
  4. Learn by doing
  5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes
  6. Practice, practice, practice
  7. Surround yourself with people that can help and that are successful in the area you are trying to get better at
  8. Apply everything that you learn along the way
So, are choosing to be courageous & confident today?
I mentioned at the end of this episode that I am hosting a free 3 day challenge to embody your inner wealthy women which will start on Monday the 24th August. I am super excited to bring you this training. I will be talking about how to work on your money mindset, how to better manage your money in a simple 4 step process and then how to anchor yourself in your new wealthy women vision.
You can find out more by clicking the link here, I hope to see you there!
Chat soon, 
Zoe Xx

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